Episode 1: Why Does HRT Have a Bad Rap?

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Jennifer Thompson, Founder and CEO of the Canadian menopause research non-profit, Herstasis Health Foundation, explores what happens when she has access to a search bar and a personal question: me-search.

On the first episode of “me-search” JT sits down with resident Herstasis ‘Knowledge Translation’ specialist, Jenna Dunlop, PhD, who talks recent findings on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). She delves into its evolution, dispels misconceptions surrounding its controversial reputation, and underscores the pressing need to prioritize women’s menopause health in the medical system.

The me-search podcast is brought to you by the Herstasis® Health Foundation. Herstasis is dedicated to providing the latest evidence-based menopause research to people in plain language so they can learn, make informed choices, and advocate for their own health.

Written By:

Jenna Dunlop, Ph.D.

Jenna completed her undergraduate education at the University of Toronto with a double major in Psychology and Anthropology. She followed this with a PhD in Evolutionary Biology (Zoology) and finally, an MBA, both from York University. Her focus is on writing, editing and plain language/science translation for a diverse range of organizations including the Canadian Energy Research Institute, the Oil Sands Monitoring Program, and Herstasis Health Foundation.

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