Move through your menopausal journey with clarity and confidence!


Hormonal changes during the menopause transition can be like riding a roller coaster. It’s natural to feel confused and caught off guard when perimenopausal systems emerge. 

With science-based information, simple journaling tools and symptom trend reports, the myHerstasis® app puts control in your hands, helping you and your doctor make informed decisions to manage this transitional time. 

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Unravel the mystery of menopause 

The struggle to understand what’s happening to your mind and body is real. myHerstasis® provides trusted information based on your personal symptoms so you can move through menopause with clarity and confidence. 

Get answers. Make progress.

Make the most of your time with your doctor. Chart your symptoms on a printable, one-page graph to help your doctor understand your experience – making your office visit more efficient and effective for both of you.

Work together on a plan that makes sense for you 

Menopause is a personal journey with detours along the way. myHerstasis® displays your changing symptoms and patterns over time so your doctor can adjust your care plan accordingly – and you can feel better, sooner.

myHerstasis® is your trusted menopause companion

Developed in Canada by scientists, engineers, business professionals and clinical researchers, the myHerstasis® app provides trusted, evidence-based information to help women manage the often-isolating symptoms of menopause. 

Don’t travel along this path alone. Take myHerstasis® with you – and take control of your menopausal transition.

Try it FREE for 30 days

The $4.99 USD monthly fee for the myHerstasis® app is used to support the community of women in their mid-life transition journey at Women can access free, evidence-based educational content and research tools, which are designed to help develop healthcare self-efficacy and resilience during this challenging time in their lives

Data is collected for your personal use only and resides in Canada.

Your information is encrypted using a secure connection. Your data will never be sold or given to third parties for any reason without your clear consent. Herstasis does not currently sell any products other than the myHerstasis® application.