Kathryn’s Story: How to Cope with Perimenopause After Breast Cancer and Tamoxifen Treatments

In this episode we meet Kathryn. Her abrupt entry into menopause due to treatments for breast cancer changed every aspect of her life. Experiencing the trauma of cancer was challenging in itself, but using the drug tamoxifen that disrupted estrogen levels in her body meant that Kathryn experienced multiple severe perimenopausal symptoms overnight and all at once. These symptoms, which include severe insomnia, depression and anxiety, have persisted for years.

Kathryn has become a completely different person as a result of her experience. She went from active and engaged in all aspects of life to a woman who was totally shut down simply as a way to cope. She describes the path to her new normal – one that includes finding balance as well as learning how to sleep again. Kathryn is one of millions of women suffering yet finding a way to keep on living and growing as a person.

Let her story inspire, and perhaps even comfort you. Remember, you are not alone.

Written By:

Barbara Breuner

Producer of Am I in Menopause? PROJECT. A YouTube platform for shared storytelling around perimenopause and menopause symptoms.   For me, 'Am I in Menopause? PROJECT' is a labor of love that I hope will bring comfort to all the women out there who feel isolated by the experiences they’re going through. It's not easy being vulnerable on camera – but brave individuals have made it happen so we can all benefit from learning more! I'm truly honoured to work with such strong women. I would love to hear from you! Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Do you want to tell your own story? Get in touch by emailing me:

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