Why do your breasts hurt during menopause?

Breast pain is common for many women as part of their menstrual cycles and it results from hormone activity. Estrogen and progesterone both increase during the second half (days 14 to 28) of a typical 28 day menstrual cycle. Estrogen causes the breast ducts to get larger and progesterone causes the milk glands to swell. This type of neuropathic pain can cause your breasts to feel painful, tender, and swollen.

The changing hormone levels during the menopausal transition alter your regular cycle and this in turn alters the effects of estrogen and progesterone on your breasts. While the pain itself may not be much different from your normal monthly episodes of breast tenderness, irregular menstrual cycles means that breast tissue is also affected at unpredictable times and for unpredictable durations. [3]

[3] https://www.webmd.com/menopause/guide/breasts-menopause

Written By:

Jennifer Vander Zalm

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