Which abdominal symptoms resulting from lowering levels of estrogen will persist from the menopausal transition into menopause and which symptoms will resolve on their own?


Current studies – on humans and on animals – support the hypothesis that estrogen is involved with the experience of multiple abdominal symptoms and that it also provides protection from some serious abdominal diseases such as cancers and ulcers. Hopefully more research is underway to get a clearer idea of how estrogen is involved and what treatments are needed, if any. [15]

[15] Nachtigall, Lila E. MD, NCMP1; Nachtigall, Lisa MD2 Menopause and the gastrointestinal system: our gut feelings, Menopause: May 2019 – Volume 26 – Issue 5 – p 459-460
doi: 10.1097/GME.0000000000001316

Written By:

Jennifer Vander Zalm

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