Am I too young to think of osteoporosis and HT/HRT?


Osteoporosis is a biological process of bone density loss and increased bone breakage. It is part of the natural aging process for both men and women. Strong bones depend on many factors including your genetics, how you grew during puberty, exercise levels, your diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption. Your bones are at peak strength and density around age 30.

HT including estrogen is very effective at supporting bone density and strength, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. As well, strength training such as weight lifting or even standing instead of sitting, plus a good diet including calcium and vitamin D3 can help maintain bone strength.

Mid-life sees many hormone changes. Those plus decreased physical activity can contribute to osteoporosis, which can affect you in your early 50’s, causing low-impact bone breaks.

Written By:

Jennifer Vander Zalm

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